Signals from Stakeholders: Support for the America COMPETES Act of 2022

This week, the House began consideration of the America Creating Opportunities for Manufacturing, Pre-Eminence in Technology and Economic Strength Act of 2022. The America COMPETES Act of 2022 includes a historic investment to surge production of American-made semiconductors, tackles supply chain vulnerabilities to make more goods in America, bolsters America’s scientific research and technological leadership, and strengthens America’s economic and national security at home and abroad. The America COMPETES Act of 2022 includes transformative, bipartisan legislation from the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

Check out some of the statements in support of the America COMPETES Act from the scientific community, industry, and other stakeholders below!

Find our full list of endorsements for legislation from the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology included in the America COMPETES Act of 2022 here.

White House Office of Management and Budget

“This legislation is an important step to strengthen our supply chains, revitalize domestic manufacturing, and reinvigorate the innovation engine of our economy to ensure that the United States remains globally competitive in the 21st century. H.R. 4521 is aligned with the President’s vision to enhance American economic and scientific competitiveness; build a stronger, more diverse, and more inclusive innovation ecosystem; and invest in strengthening critical supply chains, our domestic industrial base, and regional economic growth and development.”

Read the full statement of support here.


“The introduction of the America COMPETES Act by the House of Representatives represents a significant step to get CHIPS Act funding signed into law. Since the onset of the global chip shortage, other countries are moving forward with policies to incentivize semiconductor manufacturing. It’s more important than ever that America levels the playing field for domestic chipmakers and regains technology leadership.”

Read the full statement here.

Association of American Universities

“America’s leading research universities welcome the House’s introduction of H.R. 4521, the America COMPETES Act of 2022, as an important step toward reauthorizing the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Department of Energy’s Office of Science, and other research and STEM education programs vital to sustaining our nation’s leadership role in science and innovation. The House bill helps bolster the United States’ global scientific and technological leadership and economic competitiveness by balancing the need to secure critical federally funded university research with the need to grow and attract both domestic and international STEM talent.”

Read the full statement of support here.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

“I agree with President Biden that America COMPETES will bring manufacturing jobs back to this country and make American supply chains more resilient, and I urge the Senate to adopt these pro-worker trade reforms when both chambers work out differences between the two bills before it heads to the president’s desk for his signature.”

Read the full statement of support here.

National Association of Manufacturers

“Not only would its provisions help address inflation and alleviate supply chain challenges we’re facing today, but the bill provides significant investment in U.S. semiconductor manufacturing, which would also help us avert future crises. This bill also includes funding for a Supply Chain Resilience and Crisis Response Office at the Department of Commerce. I’ve discussed the programs that this office would oversee with Secretary Raimondo, and manufacturers strongly back these initiatives, which would include game-changing grants, loans and loan guarantees.”

Read the full statement of support here.

Security Industry Association

“SIA supports sections of H.R. 4521 that enable the U.S. and our allies to remain globally competitive against nation states that pose a risk to core democratic values and aim to surpass U.S. leadership in the development of emerging technologies.”

Read the full statement of support here.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“The Chamber strongly supports the legislative effort in Congress to advance policies to strengthen the ability of American workers and companies to compete globally, including with China.”

Read the full statement of support here.




U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

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Science Committee Democrats

Science Committee Democrats

U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

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